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Long Time, No HAWL

Ok, so it hasn’t been that long...but 10 days can feel like 100 sometimes! Anyway, let’s jump right into it this time.

I had seen the latest HW case a couple of times previously, but was waiting to find the Escort before I jumped on any of them. And eureka, I actually found 2! Hopefully someone else that’s been anticipating the casting finds the other. The chrome interior and clear rally lights up front are a bit disappointing as I have read, but overall the casting is great and certainly sports a good livery in its initial release. I’m a fan of blue though. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll end up with more of these once more are released!


The Huracan and P1 look much better in their second colors if you ask me. An Auto World Mustang also snuck home with me thanks to an intense color. The paint on that one has a distinctive shimmer about it that is quite attractive, but is hard to show in pictures.

About a week ago, I let you guys know about a fantastic deal on a 1/43 Greenlight GT-40. As I said in that post, I bought one for myself, and it has arrived!


It’s honestly not quite on par with the higher-end 1/43s out there, but it’s still quite nice and is a killer deal at $8. There are 4 left at the moment, so jump on one quick if you want it!


Finally, just one eBay find in this HAWL- a continuation of my quest to get all of the 1996 Treasure Hunts. This one’s card is not in perfect shape so I was able to snatch it up at a decent price.


Thanks for taking a look, and happy die-casting!

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