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Long Time No See

I’ve been away due to being busy with college coursework and exams. And, um, simply having a massive dry run for the past few months. The Mustang and Custom Dodge Van were from a trade with Sanjay, while the RMZ City Superleggera was from a visit to the local hardware store.

Also, I managed to pick up a personal Grail cast -

- wait, not that.


Yep, a Z-Tune. At regular local store pricing, even. Definitely a long shot acquisition.

Picked these up at my local Tesco. I now have the Hot Wheels, Bburago and Siku 918 Spyders, although I doubt I will be able to arrange a group shot.


I also got the Proocam portable light box. It works, although the magnets seem lacklustre.


Some test shots with the black background (a white one is included as well).

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