Big things with little cars

Look at this Thing

I’m not quite finished with my Thingy (I’ve renamed it Thingy). Like most of my projects it will probably take a month of slow decisions before I call it done.

I glued the head lights from the old Cadillac onto the bumper, but when I snapped it together last night they shot off violently. After 20 minutes of searching I did find them.

Tiny head lights.

I’d like to add a light bar above the windshield, so the head lights might not go back on.

The next project is returning this Acura to stock form.


It’s getting there.


Most of these will get stripped again. I like to see new colors on cars before I decide what to do with them. The Squareback will get a proper post when it’s done, I need to get some putty to finish the base. JB Weld is too hard to work with in the tight space I need to shape.

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