Yup, a white Aston Martin DBS, one of the cars I’ve been looking for. Plus, I get to have the Tomica Calsonic GT-R back in a twofer deal featuring a BRE Z34 NISMO. The open-wheeler needs some work to get it back up and running.

And now, some initial photos (read the captions!):

This is not the first time I had the Calsonic GT500 GT-R, but this is the first time I bought a car to see it back in my collection. Photo by author.
One of the things that I seem to get nearly impossible to get right is the black-background shot. Photo by author.
Right, here’s my build list: easy-swap wheels (switch between plastic and rubber in seconds), and a different rear wing (because this mounting sucks). Pretty much turn it into a composited early 90's F1 car, if you want. Photo by author.


Guess how I achieved this shot. Go on. Photo by author.