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Looking back at Hot Wheels history: attack of the clone!

One I’ve shown before but it’s worth reposting.


One of the sweet 16 to be cloned/made into a knock off was the Silhouette.

Zylmex some how acquired the old tooling from Mattel’s Hong Kong plant to make their own version of the car. The original car was based on a show car built by Bill Cushenberry in 1962 that designer Harry Bradley made for hot wheels

Well some point I believe in the early to mid 70’s toy manufacturer Zylmex got a hold of the old tooling and made their own calling it Bubble


The Zylmex did do a decent job on trying to hide the fact it was a direct knock off with adding some extra bits from the original design not seen on the hot wheels and not having the added silver bits on the side. They even ripped off play art by using the same exact wheels that were seen on their toy cars.


This wasn’t the first or the last time Hot Wheels would be knocked off (muky Toys the biggest culprit) it still goes on to this day but the quality has gone down from the knock off of the early days.

(Photo of real car and info from

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