Looking for Trades

My wheel supply is running dry.

I’ve been doing a lot of restorations of Yatming and Summer cars lately and they’re all in need of better wheels. Most are classic sports cars and racing cars, so the Matchbox cut tri-spoke wheel from 2008 and newer is exactly what I need. I prefer the version pictured with the chrome accents, but I’ll also accept the gold or solid black ones. Recent Matchbox cars that have had this wheel include the Pontiac Firebird and ’68 Mustang GT CS, but any car with these wheels will work. The cars can be loose, damaged, and so on. I really just need the wheels! I have a collection of cars below I have for trade. I would prefer to deal in bulk (3 or more cars) for the sake of shipping cost.


If you’ve got a bunch, I am also open to flat out buying them or trading a HW Team Transport Snake or Forza Silvia.

On a separate note, I’m still always looking for Lesney Matchbox solid wheel and early Superfast cars as well. I have a list above.


You can contact me though comments here or at jakethecopywriter at gmail dot com

Thanks everyone!

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