Big things with little cars

I found a Matchbox Mini and a car pack of hotwheels thinking it would be a little bit more expensive than at walmart....i was wrong.

A full 3 bucks worth wrong!


I actually wanted that Teal Civic...but if you think thats gets worse.

Back around 5 years ago Matchbox cars at walmart and walgreens and jewel-osco were usually few cents cheaper than hot wheel counterparts.

Usually Matchbox was 89 to 93 cents and hot wheels were 93, 95, or even 99 cents. But now cheapest ive seen at walmart nowadays are $1.00 to $1.09. While at Oreily's, hot wheels were $1.69 im like woah there,...when did thid happen?!?!


When did Matchbox and Mattel raise their prices? Cuz seriously, i was about to pay $1.47 (taxes included) for a Mini? I didnt buy it.

Damn Marketing. You piss me off! Why can't we go back to the early 2000's again!

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