A huge thanks to AlienProbe for gladly sending me some very nice wheels...er, uh, a few weeks (month, maybe?) ago. I’ve been on the hunt for both the (any HW’s version) Ferrari and especially the Lesney MBX VW Bus. I was very surprised when he agreed to HWEP. Got a few extras in the box as well.

I just love the casting on this Bus!

The auto hauler was something I found a few months ago...thought the VW would look cool on the back!

Ferrari is still in it’s packaging. Just excited to have a 2006 HW’s still in the blister. Really can’t bring myself to DLM. Just not ready yet!


This is a nice little rendition of the Lesney, S&S (Sayers and Scoville) Cadillac Ambulance, No 54.

The Lesney 8 Wheel Crane, No 30, was a bonus HWEP. What a fun little casting. Funny how far we’ve come comparing the two cranes...


Example of the new Working Rigs Crane. Took this photo with the intentions of buying...I didn’t...dang!

EDIT: Completely forgot about one of my new little favorite haulers that came from AlienProbe. This is the Lesney, Mercedes Truck, No 1.


Thanks all for viewing.