Big things with little cars

Los Ang-Hawl-es

Finally made it to the collectibles show during my trip to LA. Didn’t spend myself all the way into penury like I thought I would, but I still did AOK.

Not going to tell you what I spent in total but the number would probably impress you for its relative smallness. Let’s break it down a little.


Incidentally, sorry for the weird photos. HW cards want to be shot vertically but some horrid combination of Kinja and Firefox just isn’t having it.

Mainlines first. Interesting variant on the Kaido House Z, a couple late 60s Cougars (which for reasons even I don’t understand is becoming a favorite muscle car of mine) and a couple historic F1 cars. The six-wheel Tyrell was a must-buy, and since I have the #36 Ferrari 156, I wanted to get this one. That car is famous for the Hill/Von Trips duel so having two seemed fitting.


I already had a Paul Walker car for Project:Screentime, but this one’s way more iconic, especially for those of us who think back to the first film. This one’s going to get a light detail job at some point


On a trip where one might say I ripped off the seller, this is the one case where I allowed myself to be ripped off. Paid too much for this one but I was just DONE hunting the little rascal.


I knew these existed but I never expected to see one in the wild, let alone a carded one and a loose one. So I had to have both. Yup, the one on the right is staying imprisoned. I just love the card too much.


My first Mini GT! I could have sworn I wanted the blue one, but seeing them in person, the Civic’s details just pop like crazy off the white paint. So that’s where I went with it. I have a few white Civics, so it’s a natural addition to the family.

The BRE Z is just because they’re two tastes I love that taste great together. Also cheap in this case.


Also of note: I got a couple “pegwarmers” I’ve never seen in person. That’s the loose VW Team Transport, and the Gulf van. The Milano I’ve seen everywhere, but my son was with me and he wanted it. The Lambos are because my kids are obsessed with the brand for some reason. They were a buck each. I actually like the Miura Homage.

Special huge thanks to dek34 for being such a gracious host and an all-around pillar of the LALD community. Also thanks to my son who was willing to take a chance on a collectibles show for his birthday trip and wound up doing pretty great on his own.

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