Having just read Jeff's post about his bus find (the feels!), I decided to take another stab at tracking down a lost treasure from my childhood. When I was but a wee lad, I was given a Texaco semi trailer which I thought was so very cool. It was in pretty rough condition the last time I remember seeing it, and I have not had any luck finding it at my parents' house, so I think it probably got pitched/donated to Salvation Army.

I have in the past spent some time looking for it, but I could not remember the manufacturer, so I didn't have much luck searching for "Texaco semi truck" and the like, just too many other Texaco trucks out there. But inspired by Jeff's success, I decided to try again and this time on the first page of results on eBay was the truck I was looking for! Once I knew that it was Majorette, I was able to narrow down my search and found quite a number of nice examples that are now on my Watch List. It's not particularly rare/valuable, so I'm hoping to win an auction within the week.

The mildly amusing part was when I found this auction (from whence comes the top picture). I was looking over the pictures, it seems in pretty good shape and then I did a double-take at the big sticker on the trailer. It's supposed to look like this (found at this auction - and check out that price tag!):


Not really sure what happened to the original sticker. The star with the T being upside-down was the first part that jumped out at me, but then i noticed the speedy stars are backwards too. How does this get all the way to production without somebody noticing? I'm sure it's a VVVVVVVVHTF ERROR!!!!111!!!1!OMG, but I don't think I'll be bidding on that one - it looks weird.