What do you call two or more Lotus cars parked together? Lotuses? Lotii? :/

Anyways, the weather has been superb, and I thought it would be fitting to take these two beauties out for a photoshoot (and a sunbath).

Both are Corgi models (the only Corgi models I have so far); the Lotus Esprit Turbo as used by Roger Moore in James Bond 007's 1981 outing ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and the black Lotus Elite (the Elite was originally part of a two-car pack which consisted of the said car as a ‘team car’ alongside an old Lotus F1 car). I got the Elite team car in a flea market (sadly without the accompanying F1 vehicle) and the Esprit Turbo at a hobby store in Singapore.

Best part of flea markets is what you can dig up. I initially ignored the Elite as I thought it was a Lambo Espada Chinese knockoff but as I looked closer, I realised it was something special. It is proudly British, as it states ‘MADE IN GT BRITAIN’ on its chassis. It even says ‘JPS’ on the number plate (back then tobacco advertising was allowed on kids toys!). Openable doors reveal an interior that’s quite decent for a toy. As for the Esprit Turbo, I had always wanted to get this particular FYEO version with the skis, but they were all too expensive! It is my Dad’s and my favourite version of the Turbo too (see, Bond drove two Esprits in the movie; the other a white Turbo which sadly got blown up early in the movie) and I DESPERATELY needed to get one diecast version and I stumbled upon this model. I love Lotus cars and this was really the icing on the cake for my current collection! No opening parts but that’s to be expected from a modern casting (this is a 2001 reissue of this model).

Anyhoo, I’ll leave you guys with the photos: thanks for reading and viewing the Lotii! ^^

Your ride is ready, Mr. Bond...


The wheels are classic one-piece Corgi wheels (this version of mine is the less-detailed one) but it’s okay...
Painted on taillights but you get two stickered ‘007' number plates for the front and back. And check out those mini skis!
Tan and black interior. Not too bad. Love the two spoke Esprit steering wheel!


Classic John Player Special colours for the Elite...
Love how Corgi have embossed the E L I T E letters on the hood. Shame about the stickered fog lights.
Same for the rear; raised L O T U S lettering for the rear hatch. Nice touch.


Opening doors! :O the moulding for the front seats are lovely. Not those thick blocks of plastic toy makers used nowadays to pass off as ‘seats’. Old castings are best castings!
Beautifully recreated interior with a nice meaty four spoke steering wheel. Well done! Doors open wide for easy access...
And it’s goodbye! Bond has to go...