Due to my recent failure in finding enough Ferrari 365 GT4/400GT/412 models, it inspired me to ask if this ever happened to you too. So, the question is: What obscure cars or oddballs you want more or any diecast models of? I’ll begin!

Ferrari 365 GT4/400GT/412

A quick eBay search only revealed obscenely priced BBRs and some Kyoshos. Apparently, there is a Hot Wheels Elite version in 1/43 scale, but it’s scarce.

Volkswagen Dasher/Passat


I really don’t know about this car’s reputation on the US, but in Brazil, it’s beloved. It was, for a very long time, the most advanced car Volkswagen offered here, and the sporty TS trim is highly sought until today. Diecast models of it are hard to find.

Maverick Berta Hollywood


Totally understandable why this is impossible to find in scale version, since it was a Brazilian race car of the 70's. Still, it’s just too cool for not to want a model of it. Also, tobacco livery!

Any Chevrolet Opala from Brazilian 70's/80's stock car races


This last video is from the first experimental race of the brand new Old Stock Car Championiship, a new racing series with Opalas. Oh the sound...


Fiat Multipla

Many hate it, some love it due to its true quirkness. I’m on the latter group. Sure, I’m not blind, this thing is hideous, but Fiat had adamantium balls to put something like this for sale. If you ever recover from the ugliness shock, you end with a very spacious and versatile people carrier.


And you? What do you want to see in diecast form that you can’t find?