Let’s Play a Game! There are several real, 1:1 cars out there that seen to be taken out of the creative minds of Hot Wheels designers. What if... they actually were! Which names would they have? My idea is simple: We get photos of cars that look like HW fantasy models and suggest Hot Wheels-y names for them.

Real Car: Tac Stark
(A Brazilian off-roader, somewhat a competitor to Troller)

Fantasy name: Dune AtTACker

Real car: Lykan Hypersport

Fantasy name: Sheikh Speeder


Real car: Lamborghini Egoista

Fantasy name: Afterburnerz


Real car: TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Fantasy name: Slamm’d Speed


Real car: Gurgel Motomachine

Fantasy name: Aquarium-o-mobile


Now it’s your turn!