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Lucky Hawl day (for me..)

I live pretty far from any stores that carry diecast or HW. So when I do have a bucket list, it’s pretty usual to have a hard time finding what I’m looking for. I might get a chance at looking at some cars once or twice a month. The whole drive from my work to home is a massive diecast deadzone.

The other day, I had to drive to the Walmart that is closest (about 20 mins one way) and of course, hit up the (usually picked over and outdated) selection in my rural area.

I’ve been looking for an MBX R500 in any colour for a LONG LONG time, and sure enough there was two at $1 each, super happy. I also wanted a second 180SX to paint non-metallic red to resemble the real 180SX that I owned a few years ago.. CHECK! nice!


On the way home to my town, I decided to drop in to a local liquidation auction house, where they auction off returned and overstock stuff from box stores and Amazon etc.. They often have a bunch of really undesirable or beat up carded HW cars, real pegwarmers. I was just there to look for boots for my little boy but I thought I’d look anyway.

Sure enough, mixed in with the usual, this little grey 934 Turbo RSR (I’ve been looking for) was just chillin’ WOOHOO!!

I couldn’t believe it. triple lucky in one day (for me), and I never would have believed there was a 934 RSR just down the street from where I live just waiting for me to hunt it down.


I’m considering doing a Fireblade out of one of the MBX R500's too. That’ll be fun.

So much for my little Hawl, thought I’d share my excitement.

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