Lunch Finds

Not Teutonic today (damn you, Modern Classics, for continuing to elude my grip!), but some nice stuff, nonetheless.

First up, at Toys R Us I found a new Camaro from the (what I thought was the) Target-exclusive Redlines series:


Seriously, this is crap. One of LaLD’s founding tenets is “Down with Scalpers,” but I think we should add “Down with people-who-return-cars-to-cheap-out-on-buying-premium-hot-wheels.” I always say this, but I almost want to get a part-time job at Target/Walmart/Toys R Us and work the customer service counter just so I can laugh people in the face that try this crap.

For more on loveliness like this, check out Lamley’s recent article.

Thankfully the trip wasn’t a total waste, as the Walmart next door must have just put out a fresh case of Matchbox, and I was able to snag these two beauties.

Seriously, this little guy is cute as hell.


And to keep it at least a tiny bit Teutonic, stay smooth, fellow LaLDers!

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