Big things with little cars

Sometimes perusing Craigslist pays off. In this instance it netted me a brand new UT Models 993 GT2 for a whopping $10 from an obscure thrift store in the next town over. You read that right, it’s not missing a zero.

Also, sitting above the small collection of diecast when I arrived was a small radio. Looking at it closer I realized it was a nearly new Tivoli with wiring still wire tied! That set me back a whole $6!!!


Next I headed over to Wally World and low and behold on the bottom shelf was the unmistakable orange glow of a 1:24 M2 Datsun 510. I picked that up for a good friend that’s really into them.

Here’s the mystery. That 993 GT2 doesn’t exist anywhere on the interwebs. I know the model range for these UTs very well and have never seen this livery. In model or in real life. The real life livery is close but there was never a #24 car nor was there ever a #24 car entered in the 1994 24 hours of Le Mans which or indicated on the model. Is this some weird one off by UT or what??? Help!

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