It’s been a while since I had a good hawl. Been able to find a few things here and there, but nothing big. Took the kids to Target today to grab few things and was pleased to see that there was a nice selection of M case goodies.

DeLoreans! I was very pleased to see the hover mode DeLorean. Also, I was thinking about the Fast Fortress just yesterday, wondering if I’d missed it or what, and there it was. The Fast Fortress and hover mode DeLorean dupes are trade bait if anyone wants.


Obligatory Corvettes are obligatory. I’ve pretty much ignored the Monster Jam trucks up until Tinfoil Hat started posting his twisted creations, and then my boys got a couple and they’re actually pretty cool (I think the steering/suspension is clever). So when I saw there was a Bel Air monster truck, I decided to snag that too.