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M2 Machines: Latest Detroit-Muscle and Auto-Drivers

I’ve noticed a lot of interest in M2s lately. I don’t know if the company itself is on a roll, but they sure are introducing quite a few models in the upcoming weeks and months. They’ve swamped me with plenty new product announcements to keep up with, so let’s get started before I get another 1 or 3 messages.

The latest news is another “Detroit-Muscle” (their hyphen, still not sure why it’s there) offering with 6 different castings including a brand new model. Here are some paint and trim changes on a few you’ve likely seen before:


‘66 Vette 427 in Laguna blue over a light blue interior. Possibly hard to make out but those are gold-line tires. Dark blue over light blue plus “gold-line” tires. The look is certainly distinctive. It also has a 427 Cubic Inch engine, which, even though I really only have a vague idea as to that (Honda, for example, doesn’t seem to to advertise the Accords’ displacement in cubic inches for some reason), sounds big.

‘69 Dodge Charger Daytona 440

This, according to M2 at least, rare color is named Cordovan Metallic.


Those previous two castings are both fairly ubiquitous throughout the Wal-Mart aisles of the world, so here is the brand new model. A ‘71 Charger SE 383. I do really like the hide-away headlights.


Despite it not being the new model, a Camaro gets the nod for Chase.

These should be available this month.

Like the special Pink M2s of the Detroit-Muscle line, the Driver’s series is getting special paint for a release too. As with that special release, 168 “Super” Chase cars are being included. This time around, the color is:


“Frozen Black Pearl”


‘70 Torino GT 429 SCJ

I have to reserve judgement on this, because the exact same model was released in the Detroit-Muscle pink series. That had an unfortunate paint scheme in the product picture (bright pink with a horizontal turquoise stripe down the side), but in person actually managed to work without blinding you. This has almost a menacing appearance, so I’m curious how it is in the store.


Regular flavor Chase


Super Chase Car

Those pink Super Chase Dodge Daytonas were going for upwards of $200(!!) on eBay upon release, but the Sold listings now seem to be around a still not remotely reasonable $100(!)


In any case, probably grab one if you come across it.

Are you excited about any of these latest models? I was quite surprised by how positive the reaction to the pink muscle cars was. Will you be keeping an eye out for these, as well?


Bonus question:

Assuming M2 keeps with essentially the same late 1960s-early 70's models from American manufacturers (the sales rep I deal with acted taken aback the one time I tried to ask about the possibility of cars produced in, say, Japan). What kind of product line-up would you hope for? Please let me know in the comments!

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