So the gf and I skipped town for a night yesterday. The place we stayed was 2 minutes away from Walmart so we made a quick stop. I went down the toy aisle to find a scalper pulling every hot wheel of the pegs one by one so I walked by to find 3 full boxes of M2 Patriot cars on the shelf. With the gold Chase Mustang front and center. I have been collecting for 3 years now and I have never seen a chase M2 before so assuming I would never find the 1957 Beauville wagon chase, I arranged a trade for one. Except this morning I stopped by another Walmart to find 4 Patriot cars sitting on the shelf, with a chase Beauville at the back. I’m still going through with the trade as Mustangs mean nothing to me but the extra wagon will be open for trade as well once I get it. I just cannot believe my luck. I can see why people really hunt for the chase cars now though.