Big things with little cars

Yesterday I had quite a bit to say about Greenlight and some of their lingering issues. (Actually it was considerably more than I even realized I had to say.)

Coincidentally, today I received the latest M2 news regarding Detroit-Muscle Release 31. The big news? Pink. Pink paint, pink packaging. I assumed this was likely a breast cancer awareness thing or related to something at all, but from what I can tell, it’s not. Just pink. Here’s some images:


Special edition pink packaging.

A Ford Torino in pink


‘71, also, pink


Your Chase car (note the pink)


Finally, your Super Chase Car

Yes, there is now a Super Chase Car. Following in the footsteps of Autoworld’s UltraRaw and Greenlight’s First Cut the body is, according to the release:

a RAW body with a Pink tinted clear coat

The M2 twist is obviously the pink tinted clear coat. You may also have noticed that the traditional gold trim of M2 Chase cars has been swapped for pink as well.


I only own a couple of M2s. An oval window Beetle and a “Cobra Support” Ford Ecoline Van. The bumper broke off the Beetle when I took it out, so I’ve left the van in the packaging. I’m not a fan of Detroit-Muscle, which is really M2’s bread and butter, so I don’t bother with them very often. However, I know there are more than a few fans of these cars on LaLD. What do you say? Anything interest you? What’s your impression of the pink?

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