Remember all those swapped out M2's found on the shelves?

M2 Machines is looking for YOUR help. In an effort to deliver the best products and customer service possible we need YOU. We need to know what is going on in your state, your city and in your local community when it comes to M2 Machines. We want to know if your local Walmart’s shelves are missing M2 Machines die-cast all together. Are your local store’s shelves showing a lot of old stock and if so exactly what? Are you finding returns swapped out and M2 Machines product stolen? Let us know if your local Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target or Toys R Us is low on stock or not carrying our product at all; and you want them too.
If you are going to help us we need to ask that you supply us with some specific critical information so that we can log your information and store it accordingly,

Let us Know
1. State, City
2. What Store (i.e. Walmart, Target, Toy R Us)
3. Full store address (store number too, if possible)
4. Quick description of what you see good, bad and ugly.
5. PICTURES – please back up your information with a quick picture or two

Please write us specifically to and only to TELLUS@M2MACHINES.COM. We might not respond to all emails but please note that if you do take the time and submit fully the above requested details your info will be logged and data stored so when we do have the opportunity to speak with our various partners we can bring up specifics as to how we can build a stronger relationship with our mass market partners and in turn deliver more product for you our customers.

M2 Machines