Here you go guys! Redline club Hot Wheels Magnus Walker’s Porsche 964! I did a wheel swap and chop and slammed her! Enjoy!

Deep dish in the back! Got Staggered??

Here’s how she came with Fifteen 52 Fuchs style wheels designed by Magnus. Cool feature with these wheels! They are adjustable just like the ones that came on the 356 convertible from the team transport series. The offset is adjustable on these wheels from Hot Wheels. So cool! She’s lowered in this pic. It’s in 4x4 mode when it’s stock.


Magnus figure comes with this car! The lights do not turn on I was just having fun with photoshop! Lol


This is how it’s supposed to look haha. I’m working on deep dishing the stock rear wheels like I did on the other HW 964 build. Stay tuned.

Negative camber gang!!