Big things with little cars

Mail Call and Fail Call

Mail Call

Thanks Plasticprints for the SWEET Datsun and the RAOK Matchbox Nissan which I was missing from my collection. I love the Datsun. I love both!

Now I have a companion for my mail-in Toyota Pickup.


Fail Call

I bought a Zamac Eclipse off eBay but the seller sent a gold version instead, which I already have. However, he did make it right by resending the correct car.

Fail Call 2

The ebay seller listed this as mint but I could see very small paint chips on the bumper and grill area. What sucks the most is that he did not wrap the car and when I opened the package, it fell out onto the hardwood floor and now there’s an additional paint chip on the license plate area. Me sad! Hopefully I can find nail polish that’s close to this color and do some touch up. Lesson: open packages while sitting down and open it in your bed or over carpeted areas.


5Mile app: HW 6-Lane Raceway

I scored this today for $70. My son will love it once he’s old enough to play with HW. $70 isn’t a steal but it’s way cheaper than what I see on eBay.


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