January seemed to be the time when LaLD’s finest seemed to be on a spring cleaning spree. And I capitalized, gleefully!

First Plasticprints offered up the F&F R34 with the Real Riders. I was definitely not saying no to one of those!

When he mentioned he had more, I called dibs on a couple more goodies that I had been on the lookout for - the Track Day 510, the Matchbox SLR. And I was not going to pass on a Aston with Real Riders or the F&F Supra either. And when the box finally showed up, it had much much more.

This ROAK from Plasticprints is AMAZEEEEE! My first Zamac, the NSX and finally, three super special pairs! I probably would have never gotten my hands on those Target exclusives! WHEEEEEEEE! You rock, P!


Then when Sn210 posted his cache that he was looking to sell, he was nice enough to break up his mega batch of Porsches. All because I asked! Landed a couple of flying customs, a couple other older series castings that will feel right at home in my collection.


And ooooh! I now have a purple car. Here’s hoping that my sister can find someone in the next week or so to get it to India in time for Car Week! Thanks S!

Finally Vdubyajohn’s box showed up with the trio of Mercs he had given away to me! Thank you John!