A request from me for R32 to hold something for me stayed dormant for a few months and once the ball started rolling, boom! I got exactly what I was looking for and R32 got exactly what he was looking for!

It all started with a request for this K-Day Lambo. It was the only K-Day car I cared about so I decided to just skip K-Day and see if I could get one here on LaLD. And then R32 put up a post that he had some K-Day exclusives to spare, including a few of the blue Lambos. Perfect, I called dibs on one... but didn’t really have anything else in mind worth asking for so it would be a waste to ship. The deal went dormant for a few months, then I put up a post of one of my absurdly cheap hawls and R32 saw something he liked.

Knowing it was R32 and he probably had a few of the next K-Day’s exclusives to spare, that’s exactly what I asked for. I had a JDM-nut LaLDer ask me if I could help out with the exclusive Fairlady since he doesn’t have a K-Mart in his area but I missed out so this was the perfect chance for both of us to get one. Score!

The second one is already DLM’d and ready to ship. I’m keeping the card for the mail in


To even the deal on the $4 pick up he inquired about, I thought it’d be fair to ask him for one more dollar worth of HWs. Knowing he’s a German car aficionado, it wasn’t hard to ask of a spare RS6 Avant out of him since I hadn’t seen one in the wild.

But wait, someone else was asking for the same diecast R32 wanted. I had to go back to shop for the other guy’s piece so we may as well check if we had any other items we could add to the shipment. That’s when R32 give me his number to proxy shop for him at the local collectibles show and I asked him about some pieces I was missing to fill some holes in my collection. That’s how I got this C&D McLaren P1 that I wanted the most from the set back when it came out


I did some shopping for him and found a few good pieces. But oof, I ended up showing off my full hawl and turned out there was a piece in there up for grabs that him AND two other LaLDers had a strong interest in. It was just a $1 find for me but bids were starting to go up between the two in the know. Luckily I don’t really go after $THs and R32's a nice guy where he previously gave a generous RAOK to the other LaLDer who asked so we got it all sorted with R32 earning the right of way. R32 showed me what he had for trade and voila, C&D Alfa sitting right on top!


Add that to the M1 from the wild and the two JDMs that TBK sent me and now I’ve finally completed the set! [I don’t care about the mysterious RLC Camaro in the back]

So basically for under $10 and a few more bucks on shipping, I got in exchange pieces I’ve been looking for to fill some holes with that I would have had to pay slightly more for if I could even find them in the wild. Really glad to have a complete C&D set, help the JDM-nut with his Fairlady, help R32 find some older diecast for cheap, and get the blue Aventador to go along with my first $TH


The HWEP is complete and I’ve sworn off most HWs so I don’t know what to ask from him next, but the next transaction is still going strong with a few classy British roadsters swooped up for R32 so far. Oh and while shopping for R32, I found another one of that $1 piece for the other LaLDer that gave R32 the right of way. Now we have a happy ending to this HWEP!