I’ve been in talks with Uly Ecclestone about starting a GT3 spec racing series for the MBX Prius, which naturally caused me to go looking for one on Ebay. Not only did I find one that was decently priced AND had my new favorite, the OBO option, but the seller also had some other cool stuff.

In the end, I got the Prius, a 1992 series MBX Jaaaag XJ220 in a lovely shade of metallic blue, and a 1999 series BMW E46 328i in a different lovely shade of blue, all for $10 shipped! Hooray for combined shipping and negotiating with the seller!


The 328i will most likely receive a wheel swap to some BBSs, and some detailing, but I do really enjoy the blue. And it even has a springy suspension! Clearly this one does not have the sport package...

Now, let the Prius modifications begin, and specifics for the GT3 racing series are forthcoming!