Last week Luc Allain posted about the blue MBX '14 Silverado he found, and I replied that I loved it, and hoped I would find it on the pegs. Our own IDM3 replied to me that he had an extra, and offered to send it to me. He refused any trades or money.

So, I was pretty blown away to find not just the blue Silverado, but also a red one and a JL Wagoneer!

My wife recently asked me why I spend so much time here. She asked because she has had some pretty bad experiences on blogs recently. I told her I'm here a so much because, "I managed to find a slice of internet that is completely devoid of douche-baggery." You know what? I sold you all short with that comment. You are more than that, better than that. This place is full of friendly, supportive and kind people. I love it here on LaLD, because of all of you.

Thanks again IDM3! I love the trucks, and I will be paying it forward.