Crappy basement dungeon pics ahoy!

So I was trawling eBay for trucks (as you do), and I found this:

It’s a truck with a Corvette on the side. For $.99. How can I say no? I didn’t even realize until I was holding it in my hand that it was a Volvo, so double win! Anyway, the seller had a lot of other reasonably priced pre-DLMed cars of a vintage slightly older than most of my collection, so I kinda went to town. In particular, he had a lot of HW livery cars, for which I have a weakness.

So nothing super special about these (‘57 Chevy, Olds 442, Side-Splitter), they just look good in HW livery. The Side-Splitter (Firebird funny car) is a pretty cool casting, though, and nice and heavy.


These 3 I probably would have bought even without the HW livery. One of my first HW cars was the debut 1983 version of this casting. Unfortunately, that is one car that I have not been able to find at my parents, probably because it was beat to heck and likely was pitched. Somehow, despite being an extremely popular casting, I didn’t actually have any in my collection (anybody got a spare Cool Classics, please hit me up!), so I’m glad to have this version.

The Solaire falls under the category of cool semi-realistic racecars that HW does so well, and the Anglia panel truck is just cool (and I will happily include it in my station wagon/delivery collection). Also, all 3 open up:


MR2 rally? Yes please:

And finally, a pair of MBX Stingray III concept cars:


This design is just so ‘90's it hurts, but it’s a Corvette casting I didn’t have (and I forgot that it existed), so I had to have it. Enhancing the ‘90's-ness, these have a blue/purple ombre paintjob that is totally lost in this picture.