Micro Machines don’t get a lot of love around here. I know some of you are into them, but a lot of you are turned off by their goofy proportions. Myself, I unabashedly LOVE Micro Machines. That’s probably because I am the exact right age. Micro Machines debuted in 1986, when I was five years old. I loved them from the get-go. Fortunately, my mom loved them too, so she made sure I had tons of them :)

In addition to some cool Racing Champions sprint cars, I bought this lot of Micro Machines from VdubyaJohn. There are some doubles in it, which will go into Hurricane-Daughter’s collection, although not as many as I thought there were when I bought it. There is some REALLY good stuff in this lot. A Gulf liveried GT-40, a Shelby Cobra Daytona, a Porsche 928 monster truck, a bathtub Hudson, and on and on.

Hey, what is that little guy wrapped in that plastic bag (must have been some sort of promotion)? Why it’s ... it’s ..... ERMAGERSH!!!!!!! It’s an EL CAMINOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t actually scream that, because my basement workbench is directly under my sleeping daughter’s bed, but that is exactly the reaction I had in my head. We’ve got a lot of Ute lovers here, and I am certainly known to be one of those. I’ve never seen an El Camino Micro Machine in person. I didn’t even know they ever made one until I saw a tractor pulling version last year on Ebay, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of paying $25 for one Micro Machine.


I had to DLM it!!


Here it is with it’s eye-goober removed. It’s obviously not the greatest likeness of an El Camino, it’s a bit goofy and distorted even by Micro Machine standards, but I don’t care one bit. I am really happy to have it in my collection.