Looks like I ended up with another black 1:43 model, this time a Lotus Esprit Turbo which makes this my first foray into AUTOart. A lone 1:64 model came along for the ride, perhaps to give the Lotus some company.

A collector was letting go of his collection and there were tons of quality stuff (the usual suspects), the big fish were beyond my means. I kept an eye on what received the least bids, and pulled the trigger before the listings close. The catch isn't shabby, I'm happy to have a Lotus as my first Aa.

Lamley's to blame for this, their blog has showcased a few Beads Collection 1:64 Kyosho models. Curiosity got the better of me, and Beads Collection isn't what I'll have in mind when thinking of diecast cars (lol).


Great deals could be had when people give up a hobby and put up their collection on auction sites, good thing these cars are a shipped from within Asia; so I didn't need to spent twice the cost of what I paid for the cars. Entering this new realm is pretty exciting too.