Mailbox finds

From an ongoing trade with The Bell King, I have received another box of goodies! Let’s dive in!

The Javelin needs pictures in the sun and that will happen soon.
Slowly getting all of the HW Trans-Am cars. And TBK’s pictures of the 40 Fors convinced me I needed one in my life.
Muscle goodness!
Had ro have a police Scoobie. And I hope this golden chase Millenium Falcon doesn’t start me back to the dark side with SW collecting. Yeah, back. I’ve been very good about not buying any SW stuff with the new movies/merchandise.
Kinsmart pullback Maserati for the wife and police Mustang for me. To pull her car over when she speeds. :)

And finally a couple of JL Mustangs I found this weekend


Thanks TBK, for the awesome box!

And thank you for looking!

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