This weekend was fun. Got away with the family for a few days to a great-for-kids-less-so-for-adults resort, and came home to a VERY NICE mailfind from The Bell King.

I’ve been hunting hard for the new M2 JDM series, from which I really just wanted a rally Datsun 510, and a yellow Hakosuka. I got both offered in trades because you guys are awesome like that, but decided this was a personal challenge to find them myself. And find them, I did! It was 150ish miles from home, at the Walmart next to that kids resort, where I went on a late night milk run for the hotel room. Needless to say, after that I could handle any of the loud arcade time, the excessive waterpark hours, and the overpriced kid-friendly food, etc. Of course we had a great time with the kids, but the M2s were a cherry on top.

Then coming home last night, I found a nice package from The Bell King int he mail, with a beautiful Hitch & Tow set with a teardrop trailer that is perfect for a Porsche 356 to tow, a McLaren F1, a 1969 Boss 302 that will become an awesome custom for him, and another International Scout II: the red one that I missed when it was on the pegs at Target.


All told, great weekend!!

Looking forward to adding some new wheels to this bad boy.