Big things with little cars

Majorette really is here!

Well what do you know, it’s true! I had to look up Marshall’s to see if there were any in town. I found one and decided to check it out today. They had about 4 3-packs, and about 6 5-packs. I didn’t find the great red AMG-GT and blue Viper that Amoore100 found, but I did find these!


I’m really glad to have the AMG-GT in yellow, and of course any McLaren is welcome! This is the 675LT. Both of these cars say they are 1/60th on the bottom while the Renault Alpine A-110-50 is 1/63.

The white/red AMG-GT came from Europe, not Marshall’s. Thanks Joep!

I think the McLaren needs a customizing job. I’m not sure what color yet, and the weather isn’t such that I can get started right away. So I’ll mull it over and think about some wheels while I’m at it.

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