Big things with little cars

Make it fit Monday relevance (at last).

So, I finally found the tow truck. And...


I’m kinda surprised the beds aren’t the same. I know one’s “premium” and the other is designed for lowly play, but it just struck me as odd.

Yeeeaaah. This i8 matches my fish. Also, it’s probably my favorite bmw since the e46 m3, which we can all agree is the 3rd best m car.


Gratuitous butt shot, and notable differences in the, uh, hinge quality.


Detail is awesome, as it should be for $5 and a matchbox, but the wheels are these pimp-rim-chrome-multi-spoke things that I guess are trying be bbs, but mostly have hilarious offset and look poopy on bimmer’s futurmobil.

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