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Makeitfit Monday: some sorta Tomica Capsule truck

I did some cleaning today and uncovered my long-lost first Tomica Capsule car [update: Subaru Sanbar Sambar Mail Coach]. I couldn’t find the box though. But I’ve found something that fits on the MBX Flatbed King!

Also found that ominous rubber duckie in the same bin
... now that I know the ramp actually goes further than the notch it initially gets stuck at

Well I guess it fits

Here area few pictures of the Capsule car itself. Anyone able to identify it? I think it might be an Isuzu or Subaru. I got this over a decade ago as a kid’s meal toy at a nearby Japanese fast food joint (mmm, teriyaki chicken bento with California rolls)


It’s completely plastic. Don’t remember whether the stickers came pre-applied or I had to apply the myself. The wheels have one of the two standard Tomica wheel designs but they’re simply painted/decaled on to the flat surface. Also had an Infiniti G35 Nissan Skyline Sedan with the box but gave it to a friend a few years ago who drove the same exact car.

Size comparison to the rubber duckie

Thanks newenglandiecast (Did I really just sign up for this?) and vdubyajohn for carrying this on plus CONTINENTLDRIFT02 for coming up with the name of this. Should we keep it as the #makeitfit challenge or do a weekly Makeitfit Monday series?

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