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Making Stuff: 1:18 Custom Rims

Ya know when you’re building a custom and you’re like, man, I wish somebody made “x” piece. Then reality sets in and unless you want to shell out a $100 just to steal said pieces off another die-cast your resourceful self says, I can probably make those.

That just happened to be the case tonight as I was working on my next 1:18 Emory Outlaw project. I needed my 550 Spyder donor rims to be dished to be accurate for the look I needed so I started looking around. I remembered that most Jada rims are actually 1:18ish scale, that’s how they create their signature look, big wheels on smaller car. So looking around sure enough I had a square set of four that looked like they would do the trick.


Some measurements were taken, a bit of cutting and a lot of grinding I came up with a rough first draft that I think looks killer and happens to be to scale. Even corrected the tire size and aspect ratio as a bonus! Kinda reminds me of a Porsche 906 wheel honestly or the steelies on my 1:1 Volvo Amazon. These wheels will be custom painted later on but man am I happy with this!


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