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Making Stuff: Louvers

This was my first time doing anything of this nature as is most of the modifications on this project. I think for a first timer it came out OK. I did a bunch of practice runs on a shell to experiment with various cutting discs and cut angles.

I ended up masking up the panel so I had some general guidelines. I used pictures of the real car for reference, in the end they came out a tad wider then the real deal. I did a downward cut to the front with the panel standing up to achieve the size and shape of cut that I wanted. Next I did a direct deep cut on the back of the panel to relieve the font cuts. I need to do some final finish filing to call it good but I misplaced my file set so what you see is still pretty raw.

Last week I got the front and rear suspension dialed in. With the exception of a few more body modifications I should be looking good to paint this by the end of the month.


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