Big things with little cars

Ok, it’s day 2 of the diorama making. Part 1 is here, and I got the instructions here. This post series is pretty much documenting the creation of my diorama.

First I needed to sand it with 150 sandpaper. Learning for Day 1’s lesson about doing projects on carpet, I decided to do it on....whatever this black thing is, I have no idea what it is honestly, it was there when we bought the house. I guess it’s for wood burners, but the previous owners used it to cover up the badly cracked cement underneath. Anyways, sanding the spackle gives off a lot of dust.


This much dust to be exact. Afterwards I took a shop-vac to the area, then to the board itself. I even wiped down the board with a wet cloth to clean up any leftover dust particles. After the wet cloth wipe-down, I used a dry cloth to pick up even more. There still seemed to be some dust particles left, but I left it as-is since I still had to add another layer of spackle anyways.

I sanded it around 4pm, and I then let it dry after wiping it down. I added the next layer of spackle a couple of hours later.


You can see here that I accidentally put it on too thick. I spent a fair amount of time slowly taking off excess spackle. Actually, I spent more time taking off excess spackle than I did adding a 2nd layer. I did many passes, over the same area, to get a nice thin coat. I used the medium knife to grab the spackle, and plop it on the project, then I spread it around with the big knife seen in the pic. I used the spackle bucket itself, since I didn’t have a trough.


With the 2nd and last layer applied, I just have to wait for it to dry, sand it down, wipe it down, and it’ll be ready for painting. Progress.

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