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Making the Diorama: Day 3

Day 3 of the diorama making. Day 2 is here, and I got the instructions here. This post series is pretty much documenting the creation of my diorama.

First thing I had to do was sand it down again. I used the same sandpaper too, 150. Again, a lot of dust occurred so I just vacuumed it up afterwards.


The instructions said to dampen a cloth with alcohol, but nothing else to go on. I figured it wasn’t beer, so I went with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol that I bought just for this project. It actually did a fantastic job of picking up dust. The issue was that it seemed to run out of alcohol quickly. Judging by the ‘wet’ look, the alcohol was quickly used up after a few swipes. I had to keep wetting the cloth just use it. Eventually I just said screw it and put the alcohol directly of the base, then wiped it down. This seemed to work a lot better, but not too much.

If you look closely at the pic, the cloth started to tear. It was disposable, but it actually died after the first few swipes. I will have to dry wipe everything tomorrow, as I’m pretty sure some towel particles were left behind. Also of note, the roll for the towel I had was originally in my shed, then the storage room in the house. What I’m trying to get at is I noticed a few strands of stray hairs on the base. Just an authors note really, because it might be frustrating later if you paint over it.


I actually wiped it down with alcohol twice, about a couple hours a part. Then I left it to dry overnight.

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