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Making the Diorama: Day 4

Day 4 of the diorama making. Day 3 is here, and I got the instructions here. This post series is pretty much documenting the creation of my diorama.

So today was painting day. The instructions said to use a asphalt color, but the pics seem to indicate a black color. I choose black because 1. I couldn’t find anything asphalt colored, and 2. My child was driving me crazy in the store and we needed to leave (“you will hold my hand, you will like it, and you will not try to run away.”).


Not sure if it’s obvious, but I did left to right strokes for the whole thing. I figured a consistent brush pattern would look better than seemingly random brush strokes. Only time will tell.

Also, the rush strokes reminded me of a record. If you don’t know what that is, ask your parents. If they don’t know, well...your parents are probably too young then. And you’re probably 5.


First layer finished. I did this in 15 minutes, as MrsZtp told me dinner was in 15 minutes and I needed to get it done before then. After dinner I waited around not for the paint to dry, but for the brush to dry for a 2nd coat. The paint dried really quickly. I waited around and played bass, watched some anime, etc.; my normal things.


2nd layer, I promise you it’s there.


The paint I used was this, ‘Apple Barrel: Black’. We’ll soon see if using black was a smart choice or not. For two coats I think I used up 80%-90% of the bottle. I was worried I might run out after the first coat, but the second didn’t use as much as I thought it would. Figures.

Next step is weathering the blacktop. This will be an interesting one...

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