Big things with little cars

Man with a Van (or Three)

These three vans cost a total of $7. Not bad for 2 GL and an M2.

I must admit that the math is a bit cheat-y.


I found the M2 and it cost the full $6. I don’t usually buy M2 because (sadly) GL had better quality for the money (I can’t believe I just said that GL has better build quality than another brand...), however this one doesn’t have any opening parts, which is a must for me to buy an M2. I also love the weirdness of it: it’s a magenta slam-van.

I got this GL at TRU and I got it for $1. My TRU Rewards had $5 of credit, so I decided to get another van. Because why not? Surprisingly, build quality is perfect.


I got another Dodge van in a trade with shop-teacher. So it’s kinda sorta free, because it cost me nothing, other than shipping. But if you do maths, the item I traded him was an UltraRed AW that was $3.50 at Hobby Lobby (yay 40% off). It only cost me another $3.50 to ship it, so $7 total. But since it’s an UltraRed, it’s worth double that. So I got a GL Flatbed and this van in trade. Those would cost about $11 and $6, respectively. So I got this for free!


As good as those Dodge’s are, I love this M2. It’s so weird, just like me.

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