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Mandarin Monday

When I can’t get out and enjoy the hunt, I arrange for diecast to be sent to my house. And for a few brief days I can vicariously expand my collection, before I have to pack them up again and ship them to Australia.
One of the perks is that he has good taste. This is a Mandarin VW Type 2 Ambulance. I don’t remember ever having heard of the brand before.
But, I’m an old...could have forgotten.

He told me that the company bought up old molds from other companies and had their turn with them. Ostensibly, they only had limited runs, as long as the used dies would last.


This one was assembled a minute before quitting time on the Friday before a long weekend. The glazing is in crooked and the light isn’t poking through the roof as it should. This isn’t mine or I’d have fixed that already, it’s just off by a small amount. Plus, I’d be denying him the opportunity.


Apologies for the lazy photoshopping on this montage.


Made in Singapore. No rivets, apparently the base just pops into place held by a tab at the back. Still, it’s not mine to play with no matter how much I want to fix that glazing, lol.

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