Big weekend of customs. Figured I’d just do a mega-post so as not to monopolize the front page.

Was feeling a bit bedraggled last night, so I drank off a beer and started detailing mainlines. Some of it went OK, some of it went great.

Did those by hand. Also did the headlights on the front but I’m more pleased with this. Not perfect but from human being distance they’re awesome.


These are my “extra” Skylines, so I thought I’d give them the details they lack. Again, pics this close tend to be totally unforgiving.

Tried to copy the round JDM rears that HW does. Came out almost as well as their mainlines do. Not perfect up close, but serviceable at a distance.


Then, today, it was time to go Marathon Man on a bunch of mainlines.

Drill, baby, drill!

In most cases, I simply drilled them then put them back together to be worked on another day. But I also worked on two cars all the way to completion.


This Tomica is a great model, but the wheels were utter trash. Replaced them with some Nardo Grey 8-Spoke Monoblocks. At first, using the Tomica suspension, it just sat too high. So I took Doug’s idea and installed them under the springs. Now the car doesn’t, um... roll, but it looks much better.

Next comes a custom I’d been meaning to do for a long time.

Allow me to introduce you to ōsuzumebachi, the Japanese Giant Hornet.


As customs go this was, again, pretty light. I swapped the wheels for some black-on-black monoblocks with Advan tire lettering because I am a huge sucker for tire lettering. Then, I painted the headlights, painted the cool JDM mirrors black and chrome, chromed the exhaust, blacked out the B pillars, and did a bit of work on the inside nobody will ever see.

I also used some Tamiya panel liner, and I found it kind of meh. But after a lot of applying and wiping it did some good work. The hood vents look great now.


So that’s two detailed Zs I’ve made, plus a meh detailing pass on a third. Thinking that my detail bois need names. What do you think I should name the red one?