Tomica is looking to ride the August hype through to December with even more astounding reveals.

We’ve seen the September release: the 2018 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR and a roller coaster, so we move on to October, which carries a Toyota Taxi and military trucks with different configurations. The troop carrier seems particularly useful.

The jewel releases don’t come until November and December, however, and they’re big deals. The tram’s companion could potentially be the Ferrari 488 Pista! I can tell because of the open space in the shadow, which the Pista has up front. The Premium line is also set to have another classic Ferrari and a BRZ.

December releases round out the year with a bang. There will be a new Super GT500 car released, though this pick is still subject to change. What is certain is the McLaren 720S, a truly bombshell release.


What we see here is arguably the most loaded second half of the year for Tomica die-cast toys, and with a large-scale Premium RS line coming soon, it’s time we save up and stock up. Get hype.