Doing some culling.

People who have claimed stuff when i mentioned doing this two months ago, i have your stuff put aside and will send you an email in the next couple days.

Off roaders
Muscle cars
Vintage stuff
JDM stuff


Fancier stuff.
Matchbox Super Convoy


If we trade for these semis and limos I’ll need you to help with shipping due to size.

Matchbox Super Convoy
Matchbox Super Convoy


Matchbox Super Convoy


Racing Champions Imports


What I’m currently obsessing about:



Specific stuff I’m looking for (most are for customizing, so I’m open to any condition):


-1933 Plymouth

-Jurassic Park Explorer

-Jurassic Park Jeeps

- Food Truck (yellow or white only)

Hot Wheels: 

-Custom ‘52 Chevy sedan (any version)

-‘70 Toyota Celica(preferably green)

-’59 chevy sedan delivery (without wheels is fine)

-Cargo Carriers Skyline wagon (without wheels is fine)

-Johnny Lightning: 

-“Project in Progress” 1950 Chevy Suburban

-“Project in Progress” 1955 Chrysler C-300.

-Boogie Vans.


-Revel Lowriders

-Jesse James ‘57 Chevy Wagon.

-Slicks and skinny front wheels for gassers.

-M2 heavy trucks/semis.

Other stuff that tends to catch my eye:

-Cars & trucks from the 40s & 50s,

-JDM cars from the 90s and earlier

-wagons from anytime

-campers & camper trailers,


-True 1/64 Semis, Semi trailers, & other large trucks

-Tow Trucks/Wreckers/Flatbeds

I’m not much for exotics, muscle cars or sports cars.