This Matchbox 300zx started off as your standard yellow example that was in pretty rough shape. The axles were rusted the wheels were trashed and the original paintjob was totally worn out. While I am working on a replica of my 1:1 Rx7, I wanted a companion car to replicate the 1:1 of my wife’s dreams.

She’s a huge fan of the 300zx, particularly this model. So, when I scored the playworn yellow Matchbox, I knew what had to be done!

The yellow was stripped and once the primer coat was ready. Beloved wifey and I took a trip to the auto shop and she picked out the ideal color “Pearl white”. The color looks stunning on this car and the pictures just don’t highlight the nice pearl tone variation. It looks awesome. While all this work was being done I had to hunt for wheels. Huge thanks to Vdubyajohn for executing a terrific trade for some manxes that I pillaged the wheels... But, once I got them set up on the car they just didnt look quite right. (but I have plans for those on a different custom!)

So, back to the drawing board for wheels... I happened to stumble upon some Matchbox porsches with five spoke titanium wheels and then I knew we had a winner. I checked with the wife first of course ;)

Here is the final product. An awesome Nissan to sit next to my Rx7 when that is done. Glorious companions!



For those curious, this is a stock picture of what I started with. Except the car I found was totally trashed.

Picture borrowed from Google Image Cache