Big things with little cars

Matchbox is KILLING it lately <3

I really wanted to go to K-Day yesterday. But... my stupid 106 year old cat decided to go on feces strike and refuse to do the deed for 2 days straight. Grrrrrrr. After an emergency $100 Saturday morning enema (for the cat not me you dolts)... my dreams of joining the KMart crew were quashed. I seriously needed a diecast pick-me-up after the vet visit.

Thankfully <3 Dollar General came to the rescue. Be alert that DG locations got their holiday HW/MB shipper in a couple of weeks ago. Most stores should have it on display by now. I didnt find any supers, but I did find these two gems which are fantastic! The Holden is going to get DLM’ed for a full photo shoot, probably the junior as well.

Be sure to visit your local DG’s and check out the display. For those of you on the East Coast, Shaws Supermarket also is getting holiday shippers of HW that is worth a look. These places are not usual Scalper locations, so be savvy and check them out. Market Basket is where I found my DeVile super last week :) 



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