Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Matchbox Premiere Mail Call

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Slowly but surely, I will complete this series one day. Today was another giant step towards that goal. This is the JCPenny exclusive Matchbox Premiere set #2. The first I’ve shown before, which includes castings such as the yellow Supra, green RX-7, etc. This is the second set, which is much harder to find and goes for more than double what the first set does. Luckily, I found it at a steal - about half of the current going rate, so it’s mine now!


Unarguably, this is the better of the two sets. I mean, just look at that lineup: BMW 850, Porsche 928, Ferrari 456, Aston DB7, Benz 600SEL, Jaaaag XJ6? Wowzers. I already have the ‘Rarri and the ‘Cedes from a previous lot so if you need those, hit me up. Very happy to have this at last, and I look forward to continuously stalking eBay for the missing pieces to the collection.

Speaking of which, I have a few very, very special MBX’s that I just won today. One of them might surprise you - you might not even know it exists (I certainly didn’t either). Hopefully they will arrive in the next few days because I seriously can’t wait to see them.

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