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Matchbox Superfast Celica and Z

I went to the local flea market on Saturday, on the hunt for diecasts. I came home with a number of interesting finds, and here are a couple.


Among the more quality offerings, I kept seeing Yatmings….SO many Yatmings. While my love for some of them is well documented here recently, most of them are…garbage. I did find some fun ones, but I was particularly looking for the early Celica that 90sCasualty posted. While tearing through a large box of ravaged diecasts, I came across one! I put it in the buy pile (3 for a dollar…score!) and after I got them back home and examined them more closely…I realized the Celica wasn’t a Yatming, but a pretty nice condition Matchbox Superfast. The small…the REALLY small wheels threw me. I was disappointed for a second, when I realized that a Superfast find was much cooler. I’m still on the hunt for the Yatming tho…

I also found this really nice Datsun Z…also featuring the tiny Superfast wheels. If it wasn’t in such nice condition, I’d consider a wheel swap….


And more flea market finds to come…probably. Check out my IG Pilafcast for more…

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