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Matchbox Volkswagen 1500 saloon

I thought I did a comparison between these two but hadn’t

The 1968 Matchbox Volkswagen 1500 Saloon vs the 62 VW beetle original release in 1998 with a retool in ‘17


The 1968 wasn’t the first Volkswagen Beetle from matchbox but was updated version from it’s earlier release in the 50’s that was just a shell and base with an opening engine cover. A bit bigger than its early counter part it doesn’t have any opening parts but has a detailed interior, 2 piece tires, working suspension and molded on details. The 1998/17 is larger and over the years details have changed.


I’m surprised with Matchbox doing so many retro things they haven’t paid homage to this bug by panting it white and adding the 137 and Monte Carlo rally decals on it. 

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